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When you decide to buy, sell or renovate a property, the conformity is the first thing to check. When can we say that a property is in a total conformity? When the actual state, that is how it really looks, coincides with its representation in documents filed in the Town and the Land Register.

For most people the purchase of a property is an important step that involves the investment of huge economic resources and that is done a few times in life; in particular, the decision to buy a specific home is a choice that will then influence the life of the buyer for many years, for better or for worse. It is therefore of fundamental importance, before signing the preliminary contract, to be sure that the property does not have hidden defects or problems of any kind.


  • To avoid incuring the abuses and sanctions, it is essential that the documentation filed in the municipality coincides with the actual state of the building.
  • To help you dealing with the complex maze of municipal and land register papers.
  • To save you time and not to risk, for example, to blow up the deed.
  • In the Check Up report, in fact, we highlight if the property has any non-conformities and we propose how to solve them. In this way you can proceed with the sale in peace.

∼ The DOCUMENTS that certify the total regularity of the building 

  • Building permits
  • Certificate of Habitability
  • Cadastral Floor Plan
  • Title search
  • Condominium Regulations
  • Energy Performance Certificate


  • It is useful for the SELLER: at the deed of sale the seller has to self-certify, under his direct personal responsibility, in front of the notary the complete town-planning and construction regularity (often without knowing what is actually filed).
  • It is useful for the BUYER: to be sure of buying a property in order and not having to pay sanctions later.


  • first contact with the client: by phone, by e-mail or by filling in the online preventive form;
  • collection of the first information on the property;
  • request for access to the files in Municipality and getting of the cadastral documentation of the property, to reconstruct the legitimate state;
  • technical time of the Municipality to provide the documentation;
  • inspection at the property to view the state of affairs;
  • analysis of the cadastral documentation that will flow into the Property Check-up;
  • issuing of the Energy Performance Certificate, if necessary. The EPC will be delivered approximately ten days after the inspection.
  • analysis of the received municipal documentation;
  • delivery of the Property Check-up and of the possible estimate to remedy any irregularities and/or abuses.

For more information on this service write to us and you will be contacted as soon as possible!