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An operator at the landloard’s service.

It is an innovative service to solve every problem linked to the property letting.

It arises from a felt need of the owners to have a sure reference that effectively and profitably takes care of their properties to lighten the landloard from the heavy duties of management.

Once the tenant has been found, the Lettings Management service provides additional services:

  • support and/or replacement of the landloard during the selection of the rent interested party;
  • check-in of the tenant with the view of the property together: photo of the property on delivery, preparation of the inventory report (list of furnishings and equipment), check the  function of household appliances and air conditioning system, delivery of boiler maintenance booklet, delivery of keys with attached collection of the tenant’s signature for approval;
  • management of dealing with the condominium administrator for taking over the condominium expenses and further communications;
  • payment of condominium expenses;
  • communications relating to the waste tax (termination, new occupation);
  • timely collection of the rent fee and deadlines control;
  • rent fee contract updating and payment of the annual registration fee;
  • check-out of the tenant with property control (check the function of household appliances and air conditioning system), collection of boiler maintenance booklet and of keys;
  • a prompt and profitable relocation to the market;
  • constant maintenance of systems, window frames and furnishings;
  • assistance for any ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property;
  • stipulation and management of existing utilities contracts (electricity, water, telephone, gas, etc.).

For more information on this service write to us and you will be contacted as soon as possible!