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Experience and skills for the safe profitability of your property.

Structure, experience and skills at your service to quickly identify the most suitable tenant to ensure timely payment of the rent.

How we work:

  • free site inspection and measuring of the room surfaces with laser distance meter;
  • accurate photo shoot and virtual tour of the building and the inside for the property advertisment;
  • free commercial valuation and definition of the best possible rental fee, accurate market analysis (on a historical and statistical basis);
  • 2D plan drawn by a professional;
  • inventory report drafting;
  • technical feasibility studies for possible change of property intended use and / or renovation/modernization;
  • placing on the market with the most appropriate tools for a quick and satisfactory conclusion of the affair;
  • search for the potential buyer in our database;
  • collaboration with local real estate agencies;
  • regularization of any cadastral and/or documental deformities;
  • periodic reports to clients on the progress of the assignment and on the outcome of the negotiations;
  • consulting on the tax system choice through our accounting and law firm partner;
  • drafting of a lease contract and eventual legal aid;
  • telematic registration of contracts through Entratel application of the Revenue Agency;
  • commercial information and tenant references check;
  • evaluation of possible timeliness of Seasonal rent or Short-term Lease.

For more information on this service write to us and you will be contacted as soon as possible!