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Transparency and fairness for client protection.

Assistance service and consultancy on contractual matters that follows the client during the phases of negotiation and drafting of the deed, registration and subsequent obligations.

We offer our competence to avoid the inevitable loss of time related to the registration of a lease and sales agreement.


Our clients are guaranteed to sign leases according to the law and are also assisted in carrying out the procedures relating to the registration of the contract.

We are enabled to telematic registration through the “Entratel” application of the Revenue Agency.

How we work:

  • drafting of a lease agreement;
  • telematic transmission of the registration request and subsequent delivery of the registration receipt;
  • lease Invoice/Receipt drafting;
  • management of the future deadline.


Our customers are guaranteed to sign fair and impartial preliminary sales contracts that assure the successful sale.

These contracts will be, to a greater guarantee of buyer and seller, registered at the Revenue Agency by our staff in accordance with the terms established by law.

For more information on this service write to us and you will be contacted as soon as possible!